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As a student at, Pace University I had the opportunity to take choreography classes with some of the best teachers in the world such as, Alexandra Damiani, Jess Hendricks, Rhonda Miller, and Rachel Leigh Dolan. We were given the opportunity to explore movement in the Concert and Commercial space.

As a choreographer, I have have choreographed for Dance Studios competition teams and recreational classes. While at school I was able to create a commercial for UGG, a CMA performance for Carrie Underwood, and create a piece called "Crazy In Love" while putting on our show, "Emergence".

Contact Me for Choreography/Teaching! 

DM on Instagram @addietaron


Text Me! (405) 831-6177

I would love to work with your kiddos & create a story for their competition or recital!! 


Teaching at Downtown Dance Factory & Personal Assistant to Blake McGrath

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